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Embark on a journey of enlightenment and enjoyment, as we bring to you all that entails the human adventure called Life from a deeper, soulful perspective.

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80% of information consumed by Hindi speaking global citizens is from Traditional TV and OTT platforms. As India’s one and only Spiritual Science channel, it is our endeavour to make universal truths reach every home in an simple and effective way.

Our foray of programmes range from:

Buddha Foods

Buddha Foods

Learn the art of preparing soulful food – the energy rich food that has a greater purpose, far beyond the nourishment of the body and mind.

Dhyan Se Chamatkar

Dhyan Se Chamatkar

Enthralling personal stories of meditators who are experiencing miracles in their life such as curing diseases, near death experiences and finding their purpose of Life.


Swa-adhyay is a unique series bringing to you book reviews of the must read and highly recommended Spiritual books.

Guru Vaani

Guru Vaani

An immersive journey through the timeless wisdom shared by all the Spiritual Masters and Spiritual Scientists and learn its relevance in the current modern era.


Coming Soon

Dekhi Undekhi

Dekhi Undekhi

Movie reviews seen from a spiritual lens, offering profound insights from the reel life scenes for our real life drama.

Maa Ho Toh Aisi

Maa Ho to Aisi

India’s spiritual mothers come together to share their parenting journey through joyful memories, lessons learnt and practical tips for spiritual parenting.

Sansar Mein Nirvan

A reality show with a twist, we bring to you New-Age couples that are moving forward in their own soul journey through their meditation practice while living normal, family lives!

Sansar Mein Nirvaan
Youth Adda

Youth Adda

A show – by the youth, for the youth and of the youth, about self-exploration, trials of an Indian youth dealing with mental health and most importantly, ways to practically apply meditation in a youngster’s lives.

Buddh Bano

Buddh Bano

A 40 Days morning meditation sessions covering spiritual science concepts, with masters across India.

Nirdesht Dhyan

A guided Meditation series on various topics to help new meditators and seekers easily begin their own practice of Anapanasati Meditation.

Nirdeshit Dhyan