Our Core Objectives​

Paradigm Shift in Consciousness

We are working to enable mankind to shift from violence to non-violence, from blind religious beliefs to scientific and spirituo-scientific experimentation and logic .. from bankrupt materialism to magnificent Middle Path .. and finally evolving from animal level of eating to adopting Vegetarianism.

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

Our parent organization, is an autonomous, non-cult, not for profit, voluntary movement, that is working towards the vision of Meditative and Vegetarian World, all in a spirit of free service without any monetary considerations.

Anapanasati Meditation

Meditation is the GREATEST GIFT .. given by our own efforts to our own lives. It is simply observing the Natural flow of your breath and becoming one with it. Practising the science of Meditation, we gain Spiritual health.  Spiritual health is the root and Physical health is the fruit.

Anapanasati Meditation


Quantum Vibrational Science is fast recognizing the ill effects of animal food in human systems. Animals are NOT food for humans. Vegetarianism is absolutely essential for Spiritual life. In fact, Spirituality and Vegetarianism are synonymous.  EVERY BODY HAS TO BECOME A VEGETARIAN.

Pyramid Energy

Meditation under a Pyramid is called Pyramid Meditation.  Pyramid Meditation is thrice more powerful compared to Meditation done otherwise. All geometric structures due to their closed sides are storehouses of energy. A Pyramid, is most symmetrical of all structures with the maximum capacity to receive energy.

Pyramid Energy