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We are a 24×7 New-age Spiritual – Science Lifestyle TV Channel, that aims to spread the awareness of Meditation, Vegetarianism & Pyramid Energy, from a Spiritual Scientific perspective to one and all through positive media.

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New Age TV Shows

In a world where seeing is believing, we are laying the foundation for a world that is inspired, evolving and empowered with soul-knowledge.

Online Community

Tapping into the potential of the digital connected world, we provide bite-sized content empowering all with the tools of holistic well being, on-the-go.

Print Magazine

The written word is what has transpired through generations. We offer a sneak-peek into the ancient wisdom of the past, through our vast library of in-house publications

On Ground Events

Bonds are built when intimate moments are shared and ideas are exchanged. We are enabling communities to create “Heaven on Earth” through our curated events.

Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

Our parent organization, is an autonomous, non-cult, not for profit, voluntary movement, that is working towards the vision of Meditative and Vegetarian World, all in a spirit of free service without any monetary considerations, which was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji.

Contributing to co-creating a harmonious and compassionate world, we work with:

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covered over 644 districts across India for Vegetarianism rallies

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Enabling a paradigm shift in consciousness, we are supported and mentored by India’s renowned leaders

Pyramid Masters have been working tirelessly to make a Vegetarian, Sustainable world and transforming everyone into spiritually wise individuals through their door to door campaigns. Now, PMC Hindi will enable hastening of this process.
Dr. Sangeeta Nehra
Department of AYUSH (Govt. of Haryana)
PSSM (Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement), founded by Patriji is bringing about not only peace and health but transformation of the entire life in millions of people around the world.
D R Kaarthikeyan
Ex- CBI Director
PMC Hindi will be able to touch, impact and transform millions of life and will become a great spiritual success around the world.
Shreans Daga
Trustee of Pyramid Spiritual Trust, Bengaluru
PSSM is working to take the power of Pyramids to the world. I wish that their efforts to establish peace and harmony around the world and continue to grow and strengthen in numbers.
Shri Prahlad Singh Patel
Union Minister of State for Food Processing Industries and Jal Shakti GoI